Interpersonal Skills for Team Leaders Infographic Pack

Do you have the right skills to build a successful team?

Well-oiled, productive teams are built on positive human interaction. And it’s the team leader that sets the tone for that interaction.

If you want to influence team culture and drive results, you need to build a repertoire of strong interpersonal skills.

Download the Interpersonal Skills for Team Leaders Infographic Pack for step-by-step guidance to help you create collaborative, high-functioning teams.

Each infographic focuses on a key interpersonal skill:

  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ) – What is EQ? And how can it help you be a better leader?
  • Conflict Resolution – Learn how to effectively resolve conflict in 6 steps
  • Effective Communication – Break down barriers with the 5 golden rules of communication
  • Empathy and Building Consensus – Quickly identify how your team members are feeling with the “BEST” technique
  • Dealing with Change – Understand why teams resist change and overcome resistance in 5 steps