Supply chain segmentation

Enabling a new dimension of competitiveness
What are the key challenges facing your organization right now? An overly demanding customer base? Too much working capital tied up in inventory? Stifled production velocity?

These issues, coupled with the impact of global megatrends such as raw material costs and the talent crunch, can play havoc with your supply chain and lead to increasing complexity. And, while complexity does initially unleash exceptional yield, if left unmanaged, it can result in diminishing marginal returns.

Segmentation is the key to simplifying complex supply chains – by balancing complexity with operational efficiency and flexibility, you will be able to deliver greater customer value.

Download this white paper to find out how segmentation can help you manage your end-to-end value chain and revolutionize supply chain delivery.

Key learning points include:

  • Developing an effective supply chain strategy by following a 3-step approach
  • Creating a foundation for successful segmentation design with the 4 pillars of segmentation
  • Designing for performance with the 3 dimensions of delivery: efficiency, responsiveness and agility
  • Developing supply chain architecture in accordance with the 6 tenets of segmentation design