Of black swans, confirmation bias, and the O-ring theory: Why cynics can help you build supply chain resilience

Over 80 percent of global supply chains suffer at least one major disruption each year – can your supply chain survive the unexpected?

Threats to business continuity can come from anywhere, jeopardizing even the most resilient supply chains. But potential risk also brings with it the opportunity for creativity: the unique capabilities you need to develop to reduce risk can also revitalize your supply chain design.

Download this essential white paper to find out how you can forge the capabilities required to build a slick, resilient supply chain, including:

  • Turning crisis into opportunity with a redefinition of resilience
  • Forging greater resilience with 3 key supply chain characteristics
  • Implementing resiliency measures following a 3-stage process
  • Increasing supply chain resilience with 6 vital strategies