Industry Trend Report:

Valued at US $975 billion globally, the packaging industry is a powerful contributor to the success of millions of products.

But the monetary and environmental costs of packaging are forcing manufacturers to look for new solutions.

Future-focused packaging companies must now balance innovation with cost, and new materials options with traditional brand designs.

Download this report to find out about the trends and challenges that are shifting perspectives in the packaging industry:

  • The rise of e-commerce – Online shopping is gaining momentum; find out why fiber-based packaging is set to become a billion dollar industry
  • The future of metal – Consumers are opting for fresh food rather than canned; is metal on its way out?
  • Intelligent packaging – Empowered consumers are increasingly using smart label applications to scan packs; how will digitization shape the future of packaging?
  • Sustainability strategies – Consumers and retailers are pushing for environmentally-friendly packaging; what innovations are in the pipeline?
  • Plus: Four core strategies for packaging firms to thrive in an era of increasing complexity