The global skills deficit

A crisis, an opportunity and the quest for competitive advantage
60% of CEOs are concerned about the threat the availability of skills presents to their revenue and growth prospects – Are you taking steps to address the skills crisis?

To successfully negotiate the challenges of a scarcer and deficient labor pool, you need to innovate around nontraditional ways of filling key roles. Without such innovation, your organization will struggle to gain a competitive edge.

Download this critical white paper to learn more about the global skills crisis, and how leading organisations are innovating to confront the challenges of the future:

  • Evolving recruitment strategie
  • Introducing more flexible hiring policies
  • Capitalizing upon greater global workforce mobility
  • Training, re-training and ongoing employee development
  • Embracing succession planning  as a wider practice
  • Shaping education reform
  • Recruiting around corporate fit
  • Embracing the benefits of contingency staffing