Client TRACC Journey: DuPont


For 20 years, US chemicals giant DuPont focused its resources on execution and safety, with little investment in people development. That all changed in the three years following the rollout of the DuPont Production System (DPS) in 2006. In 2009, DuPont identified a need for a systematic, shop floor-driven approach to implement and sustain best practices for operating discipline, and to capture the opportunities that just couldn’t be captured through a project-by-project approach.

The success of the DPS has also unlocked the genuine value proposition beyond manufacturing into the extended supply chain.

A rigorous selection process saw the TRACC Integrative Improvement System being selected to support and sustain all these aspects in a standardized manner across DuPont’s global operations. This, in itself, presented a few unique challenges: By its very nature, DuPont has an experimental and inventive culture. The organization isn’t fond of standardization, and now a set of best practices had to be implemented across the global business. Another challenge was the fact that the early version of the DPS had already been rolled out to 18 sites, including some of the largest sites in DuPont’s portfolio.

The DPS is giving more control to everyone in the organization. It is less about rules and more about principles and boundaries.
— Thomas Pfeiffer, DPS Program Champion

According to Don Wirth, former VP Global Operations — Corporate Supply Chains, two main selling points attracted DuPont to the TRACC Solution: The ability to reach all levels of the organization around the world with one codified body of knowledge, using a common platform already available in multiple languages, and the fact that TRACC forced the integration of individual “swim lanes” of continuous improvement efforts. “We were seeking to do three things with the DPS: Drive operating discipline through best practices; align a diverse, global organization; and drive bottom-line returns.”

To align and integrate the DPS with TRACC, central resources mapped the TRACC content to the DPS architecture and to DuPont’s deep content. The integrated DPS was then retrofitted to the 18 deployed sites, and initiated together with other DPS processes at additional sites. Since then, through the development of its people and the rapid deployment of best practice across all its sites, the TRACC-powered DPS has become DuPont’s most important instrument for future growth and sustainability. The success of the DPS has also unlocked the genuine value proposition beyond manufacturing into the extended supply chain.




TRACC is selected to form the backbone of the DuPont Production System (DPS) globally. Ten TRACC Operations Best Practices are deployed at more than 60 sites. Maydown in Northern Ireland becomes the first European site to roll out the integrated DPS.

Over a period of two years, the plants generated an astonishing 6,000 ideas of which more than 3,000 were implemented.



The DPS is now successfully implemented across a total of 128 sites. DuPont identifies an enormous cost-saving opportunity in the European, Middle Eastern and African (EMEA) regions. This will be achieved by improving maintenance expenditures, production capabilities and uptime, as well as variable and fixed cost improvements.

The Maydown site posted a record 20% improvement in quality performance and record productivity performance in yield and uptime. Guarulhos in Brazil achieved a 38% increase in batches per person.

You could go to a plant that has implemented DPS and you could go to one that hasn’t and I wouldn’t have to tell you which is which. You can tell from the way the individuals act; from their mind-sets and how they do their jobs.
– Nicholas Fanandakis, Global Executive Vice President and
Chief Financial Officer



Pioneer Hi-Bred’s Paine plant in Chile becomes the first Pioneer plant outside North America to implement the TRACC-powered DPS. Pioneer is a DuPont company. The DPS is rolled out to another 40 sites during the course of the year.


To vertically align operations and administration, DuPont introduces the Administrative Excellence and Transactional Excellence TRACCs.

TRACC enables systemic leadership and builds effective dialogue across
business functions.

– Don Wirth, former VP Global Operations – Corporate Supply Chains


Four years after implementing the DPS (powered by TRACC), Maydown is now hailed as a center of excellence. As part of their role in the overall deployment of DPS, Maydown hosts a training event for 25 key operating personnel from DuPont facilities in Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany who will in turn introduce the program in their own countries.

  • The TRACC-powered DPS achieved a US$2 billion reduction in inventory from US$6.5 billion over 4 years — translating into US$500 million per annum reduction or 30% reduction overall
  • Delivery to Promise has reached 80/85% from 60/70%, translating to approximately 27% improvement
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