CCi – The People Behind TRACC – Ensuring your Success

We know that the potential for greatness exists in every person and every company.

Our goal is to unlock this greatness through standardized best practices that synchronize activities and behaviors across all facets of the organization to drive exceptional improvement results. We go beyond project-based improvement by developing organizations’ business improvement systems to maintain performance improvement momentum independently over the long term.

We offer relevant advice, change expertise and software with embedded tools and training that empower everyone in your business to drive end-to-end world class performance.

Global Leaders

  • Glenn Leask Glenn Leask President North America
    and Asia
  • John Vaughan-Jones John Vaughan-Jones Senior Partner Australasia
  • Pat Whelan Pat Whelan Products Director Global
  • Kevin Whelan Kevin Whelan Executive Vice President
  • Mark Siedle Mark Siedle Managing Director Australasia
Regional Leaders
  • Lesley Pratten Lesley Pratten Operations Director
    Africa and Middle-East
  • Adrian Pym Adrian Pym Director Asia Pacific
  • Graeme Faulkner Graeme Faulkner Director China
  • Robert Kent Robert Kent Senior Vice President Western Europe
  • Gina Rendar Gina Rendar Senior Vice President Americas
  • Dino Petrarolo Dino Petrarolo Senior Vice President
    – CCI Inc.